Alfa Mayonnaise 236.5ml
 Baba Africa Ofada Rice (500g)
 Checkers Custard Powder 400g
 Dangote Pasta (Macaroni Elbow)
 Exeter Corned Beef 200g
 Fine Tom Tomato Paste 400g
 Gino Tomato Paste 1.1kg
 Golden Penny Macaroni Large 500g
 Grounded Melon 150g
 HayCountry Curry Powder - 70g
 HayCountry Ginger Powder - 60g
 Honeywell Semolina - 10kg
 Ice Supreme Fish Seasoning 198g
 Indomie Noodles (The Indomitable Pack) 70g Cartoon
 Indomie Noodles BELLE FULL 150g
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