Collutorio (Calendula) Mouthwash 500ml
 Aqua Cool Kids Toothbrush (X3)
 Closeup Herbal Toothpaste 140g
 Colgate Classic Toothbrush (Y)
 Colgate MaxFresh (Breath Stripes) 100ml
 Colgate Plax Cool Mint Mouthwash
 Colgate Plax Soft Mint Mouthwash
 Colgate Toddler Toothpaste-2-5yrs-50ml
 Crest Complete (Extra Whitening) Toothpaste 232g
 Dabur Herbal (Mint & Lemon) Fresh Gel 140g
 Exotic Toothbrush (G)
 Exotic Toothbrush (GO)
 Listerine Cool Mint 250ml
 Oral B 3-Effect Classic Toothbrush (PACK)
 Top Clean Adult Toothbrush (WB)
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